FM Recordings
F.M. Recordings (abbreviated for Funk Mob Recordings) is an independent music company and the parent company of F.M. Sound Control (music publishing), Funk Mob Productions (music production) and Funk Lab Recording Studio (audio recording, mixing and mastering).
Our music falls under the "Pop, Hip Hop & R&B" genres. We also make "Unique" music for film, TV & video games. Our focus is writing, producing and publishing music and songs for today's media & recording artists.
Dwayne (Grubb / Tony) Robinson
Dwayne Robinson, affectionately known as Tone or Grubb amongst his family, friends and musical peers, is a songwriter and music producer who has been musically inclined since his youthful years in Philadelphia PA. Dwayne grew up listening to Disco, Funk and R&B music. In 1979, at the age of 11, he embraced the Hip Hop culture and began writing rap songs and poetry. Thru the years he thrived off of Hip Hop music and expressed it thru mixing & scratching records as a DJ, rapping, break-dancing and beat-boxing (beat boxing is making music with your mouth. It's also called the art of noise).
As his talent grew in Hip-Hop, Dwayne competed in many Hip Hop competitions and he was a member in several Rap & Break Dancing Crews. He favored beat-boxing and began learning beat programming on drum machines. In 1985 he purchased his very first drum machine and in 1986 he began recording in professional recording studios were he began learning music producing and studio engineering. He remained active in Hip-Hop culture thru out the 80's and into the 90's. He took gigs as a DJ in Philadelphia and in Allentown PA where he relocated in 1992.
In 1994 he began to take music more serious and proceeded to study the business side of music. He educated himself in music business at the local library and online. He eventually purchased books that taught music business and music publishing.
In 1996 Dwayne completed a business program at Lehigh University's Small Business Development Center to educate himself further in business. There he acquiring the benefit of having a team of financial specialists, business analysts and business consultants to further guide him.
In 1998 Dwayne a-k-a Grubb, developed his music production company, Funk Mob Productions and a recording studio he called The Funk Lab. He made music for local rappers and singers as well as producing and recording their songs. He taught copyright, songwriting and music producing as well.
In 2001 he expanded to an independent record label he called Funk Mob Recordings and for short he called it F.M. Recordings. He than began working with and developing artists he signed to his label.
Dwayne's Accomplishments
In 2002 he became a member of The Greater Philadelphia Hip Hop Alliance (GPHHA) & a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). Through ASCAP he started his music publishing company F.M. Sound Control. Also in 2002 he was awarded the Editor's Choice Award from the International Library of Poetry where his poem "The Reality of Dreams" was published in the book titled "Azure and Amber" which was part of the "Letters from the Soul" series published by The International Library of Poetry.
In 2004 he released the label's 1st independent album titled "Wanted" by the label's artist Reck. He also produced and co-wrote the opening song for a local television show called "The Talent & U" for Aurmor Promotions that aired on Comcast Cable. Several of his label's artists performed on the show.
In 2005 he released the label's 2nd independent album titled "Brick City Anthem" by the label's rap group Da Real Hood Fellaz. Also this year Dwayne was selected to be apart of a distinguished group of Outstanding Poets held by the International Library of Poetry and his poem "A Woman's Strength" appeared in the special edition where his poem was the very 1st poem on the 1st page in their book titled "The Best Poems & Poets of 2005".
In 2006 he released the label's 3rd independent album which was a compilation album of songs from all the labels artists titled "G Status".
In 2007 his company manufactured and distributed the rapper G-Child of VH-1's "The White Rapper Show" 1st album. Also in 2007 F.M. Recordings manufactured an album for a Spanish Christian group.
In 2008 he manufactured the independent solo album titled "My Soul" for recording artist, performer and legendary band member K Star Shider (Original member and guitarist of the funk band P-Funk). He also co-wrote and co-produced several of songs with K Star.
In 2009 he released the label's 4th independent album, which was the label's 1st official album titled Dexterity by the label's artist L.T.P.
In 2011 he released the labels 5th independent album titled "Waking up the Streets" by the label's artist Sleepy Da Kid.
In 2012 he released the labels 6th independent album titled "Diamond in the Dirt" by the label's artist HANS.
In 2013 he released the label's 7th independent album which was a very special 2 part mix-tape featuring the label's own DJ mixing a compilation of the labels artist titled "The Essence of Hip Hop / Back to the Basics" (Vol. 1 & Vol. 2) by the label's own DJ Scram.
To this day, Dwayne is focused on songwriting, producing & publishing music for today's media and recording artists.